Why is a good domain name important?
A good domain name helps you in numerous ways.

For Businesses
Add your domain name to your business card, email signature, and other advertisements.

Build credibility: Show your customers that you have an established business.
Improve your marketing: Provide customers an easy way to remember and contact you.
Protect your brand: Secure the domain name that best represents your business name — and keep it out of the hands of your competitors.

For Consumers
Describe your site as best you can with your domain name. For example, a pair of amateur magicians might use their stage names, some combination of words including magic, or the name of their most famous trick.
Definitely builds credibility. Nowadays almost everybody surfs the web.

Valdeam [Image: 08040837089cdf46631a10aca5258e16.gif]
A good domain name is important for search engine rankings as well. Wink
i think a good keyword domain name is for making high $$$,$$$$ on selling! LOL!
but the rest of the planet is using brandable sort of domains! like joomla, meebo, twitter! coz the guy who sold parked/undeveloped version of domain.com became more richer than the guy who sold parked/undeveloped version of godaddy.com, still unluckily godaddy.com buyer became more rich and known faster than that of domain.com buyer LOL!
A good domain name is important........
What's the domain is good do U think?Smile
DomainAuctionsScript Wrote:A good domain name is important for search engine rankings as well. Wink

That is -..
a good domain name is always better, its easier
First of all and even before selling, a good domain name is important for parking. So, good means easy to spell but specially easy to find.

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A domain name lends instant prestige to your company and places you in the same online marketplace as your biggest rivals. It communicates that you are serious about your business and assists online shoppers and consumers in seeing you as a forward-thinking organisation that is easily accessible online.

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