Yong Tai is also in negotiation with several travel agencies
BEIJING, Aug. 20 (Xinhuanet) -- “The First Year and Light-year of Chinese Sci-fi Movies", a summit forum held in the Sichuan Provincial Museum on Friday during the “2016 Chengdu International Sci-fi Film Week”.

Celebrities like Wu Yan, professor of Beijing?Normal?University, and the chairman of World Chinese Science Fiction Association, together with Lu Chuan, and Yan Peng reviewed the development of sci-fi films, and explored ways for innovation.

Wu, devoted to his research on sci-fi movie production from non-western countries like South Korea, Japan and India, advocated the “innovative narration” approach.

China was able to realize a catch-up with well-established science film giants in the years to come, he said.

Li Geng talked about the bottleneck of current Chinese science fiction movies, which was a result of a combined deficiency in technology, market and experience. Instead of technology, Li pointed out that the process of film production, in particular, the color process, was where the choke point lay.

Lu Chuan, the director of the science fiction movie Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, shared his shooting experience, as well as his insights regarding the operation mode of Chinese science fiction movie.

The reason why Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe made a hit was a perfect integration of Hollywood mode and China’s real situation, which helped strike a balance between budget and quality.

“2016 Chengdu International Science Fiction Film Week” will serve as a platform, in which all sides concerned in the chain of Chinese science fiction industry are provided with opportunities to communicate and give useful suggestions for the development of China’s genre films.

Oak Furniture Cheap Omar Vizquel Jersey , The Sturdy Alternative To Flat-pack Published: 08.01.2010 | Author: AnnieDeakin | Category: Home Improvement
Everyone wants their home to be a place of relaxation, where they can escape from their daily worries and settle down and be calm. The decoration of your home can play a big part in how easy it is to relax there, the colours on the walls and the furniture can make a difference to the mood of the room. Wooden oak furniture can create the most calming atmosphere but such a big choice of wood it’s difficult to decide which one to have in your home. Oak is often viewed as the best type of wood to make furniture with Cheap Anthony Gose Jersey , due to its durability and attractiveness, with a deep grain and a huge variety of colours to choose from. Almost any item of furniture can be made from oak to add warmth and comfort to the home. Oak is a strong and versatile wood which suits any piece of furniture and has a place in any room of the house, whether it’s a dining table or a bed it never feels out of place.

Oak can come in many different forms and the designs vary hugely. Oak is often decorated with intricate carvings Cheap Omar Infante Jersey , very popular in beds to make the bedroom a luxurious place. Plain oak is also very popular as it is timeless and classic.

A piece of plain oak furniture can add sophistication to any room in the home. Due to the deep grain in oak wood a piece of ‘plain’ furniture is not necessarily plain. The grain can create many varying patterns meaning that no two pieces of oak furniture are the same.

The colour of oak furniture also varies greatly, ranging from light colours to deep reds and browns. This huge choice in colour lends itself well to any household as it is possible to find a piece of oak furniture to match any colour scheme. Solid oak is far superior to the cheaper oak veneer; solid oak is strong and not easily damaged, standing the test of time and treatment well.

Although oak furniture is strong and can stand to be handled roughly it does occasionally have problems with scratches. These scratches often blend into the grain but when they don’t they can ruin the aesthetics of the wood Cheap Ian Kinsler Jersey , making the item less attractive to look at.

It is easy though to restore the furniture so it looks good as new again. The restoration techniques are often simple and are therefore accessible to anyone who wants to make their furniture look perfect again.

Scratches can be effectively removed using coloured oil stain, simply cover the area affected with the oil and the scratch will soon blend into the wood. To complete this method wax and polish the area well.

Another issue you may come across with oak furniture, as with any wood Cheap Jose Iglesias Jersey , is water stains. If the stain is white it can easily be removed using a rag soaked well in turpentine, using a gentle circular rubbing motion to remove any trace of stain.

Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer. Her current area of specialism is retro furniture, kitchen sale and table sale

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