Your input on "" please.
OK Guys


I was just contacted by the webmaster of visionbuzz who very kindly took the time to explain to me how his site works.

It appears to be legitimate.

I will ask him to post here, as I wouldn't want to quote what he wrote directly, without his permission.

I hope that this clears up any confusion.

Ok Zach, you just won the "Admin of the week" award! Few would have bothered to contact the guy and get information. Thanks a lot.
To clear this up, the admin of contacted me.

Here are extracts of his email.

How the site works, and where the traffic comes from:

Quote: Plain and simple, I pay google adwords 3 dollars a day to advertise my web site.

Only a quarter of them submit blogs, and the others click the blogs that remain on the home page.

That's where the strange traffic comes from.

The stats refers to days, not months:

Quote: And the little image of the stats are the first three days that I started, not months, and was not intended to be a trick. I will send the original screenshot if you'd like.

On regrets about any misunderstandings:

Quote:To make a long story short I was very upset that my site is looked at as a form of spam, and you guys show up on the top ten for visionbuzz on google, so I pretty much got slandered 2 days after launching, and I would hate to buy another domain, because it's hard to get targeted traffic from adwords when you start a new site.

I hate spam, and I would like you to ask those who recieved hits from my site to verify that I don't use proxies. I don't even know how to use proxies, or referral spamming.

There you go.


Cool, well I would say that this clears up many things. Thanks for taking the time to go in search of the answers.
What I would like to know is it particular blogs or any blog. Some sites are really blogs.
#26 has been shut down last I checked. Which was right now.
That's disappointing it was well set up. I did try to contact them a month ago and they never replied.
I totally forgot about this! I´m sorry for the guy if they shot the site down... I guess our discussion didn´t help at all with his plans...
That website doesn't load anymore, so I can't critique it for you, sorry.
That is sort of scary, putting out a new site and then just a few miss understandings can drive you out. BUT maybe it was something else. Maybe he was underfunded for starting a site that pays, what was it 3 dollas a day to adwords and then mostly likely bought a hosting package way beyond his true needs.

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