what type of price could I get for my domain? anyone help me out with an appraisal?

The name concept is good, but unfortunately the market doesn't as yet search for "brand new" iPhone. Almost all the top searches for iPhone are related to "unlocking" and "wallpapers".

Your name does have a recall value for human beings not for machines, but this recall will be useful only when the iPhone so floods the market that it will be full of seconds and Apple and their Carrier partners are unable to supply enough new phones; then people will want to search where they could find that elusive BrandNewIphone. And that situation appears bleak indeed. Already a 3G iPhone is under $200 and readily available.

A better idea would be to build a nice storefront site and drive some traffic to it. Otherwise, you can just let it go when the registration expires.

Best wishes.
no value. sorry to say, but i dont think people with search for "brand new iphone". people already know that iphone is new.
Reg Fee

Good Luck

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