casino domains, will pay good money
something like casino.weirdextension preferably
mrlynam Wrote:something like casino.weirdextension preferably

Since the USA has banned the electronic transfer of money to gambling sites, I can't see how casino domain names can benefit web owners.

In light of what happened to Egold, couldn't having a domain name that hinted at gambling be a lightening rod for the Feds to investigate you?
well i'm not from the usa, so that dont apply to me
mrlynam Wrote:well i'm not from the usa, so that dont apply to me
Good point. So as long as no payments come out of the USA, or through payment processors that do business in the USA, you might just skate by!
ahh i got is
You might take a look at this story because it indicates how deeply the ban has thrust. The site in question isn't even using a domain name indicating there might be gambling, which illustrates the problems ahead for sites that do. The site's not being in the USA may not be enough to prevent the FBI from investigating, or issuing a cease and desist" until they get around to seeing what is really going on.

A gambling site or one that uses a domain that sounds like gambling, would have to be totally disconnected from a good chunk of money to survive.
tater03 Wrote:Wow, thanks for the information. I just don't get this ban to begin with and now it might extend to other things.
Some psychiatrist, who had the ear of our conservative congress, made a stink about how dangerous the gambling online is for those who might be susceptible to gambling addiction. Congress then passed legislation banning the electronic transfer of funds for the purpose of online gambling, from any financial institution based in the USA or doing business within the USA.

That is the "Cliff's Notes" of what has happened, but in essence, anything that runs money through the USA or gets money from any financial institution in the US cannot be a gambling site. Hence the problem with using a domain that sounds as if it is for gambling. The business is sure to face being shut down, even if they are only under investigation, and there is no guarantee of a speedy investigation.
tater03 Wrote:That is true it sure wouldn't be a speedy investigation if our government is invovled. But I have a question if it is found out that it is in no way connected to gambling can they force you to keep it shut down?

Force is probably too strong a word,, but they can delay telling you, they can simply leave it shut down because of its potential..they have their ways. I bet that once they have you shut down they simply never complete the investigation, and you have lost your site. Thing is, I have no clue if being under investigation prevents you from opening another, but I bet it would. With the Egold owners, they are actually being indicted so I bet the treasury department could find some charge to process you with.
It seems too risky. I wouldn't want to wonder when and if they are going to catch up to me. I would want my work to be legal. I don't have to look over my shoulder to see who is coming.
Hi all

I live in the us I wish I read this forum before I purchased 2 domain names that are geared toward gambling however they are not developed currently parked at sedo

I just recently purchased these but not sure If I can sell them yet I think godaddy says 60 days before I can sell them.


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