casino domains, will pay good money
I sell domain name contact me if interested
USA Comanies Like TLD LEASE to casino gambling sites outside the USA
We picked up a few good ones - - - - and we have others. The next best to .com. If anyone's budget will allow, These are primo names for development to earn or investment.
All gambling sites want the huge AMERICAN biz, these are perfect to get it. Casino sites outside the USA are welcome to leasing the names as well.
M C Wrote:USA Comanies Like TLD LEASE to casino gambling sites outside the USA

How does that avoid the law prohibiting the transfer of funds to the casinos, which keeps people from playing? Do the companies accept that they can't get revenue from the USA? How do they avoid getting busted for transferring their own funds for the purposes of gambling, since their money is paying for a domain that is set up for the express purposes of gambling?
Hey SageMother,
There are ways around everything. I'm from the us, and I'm still betting online, playing poker, blackjack, and betting on football games on a regular basis. I think it's like the ban on booze back in the 20's, they couldn't enforce it everywhere, and it fell, just like this ban will. It'll fall sooner or later...
How about them PATRIOTS and SOXS ! ! ! !
I have

I have, parked at Let me know if you intested
I have a gambling domain name you may be interested in.

have this one


I own, and have put it up for sale. Are you interested?

If so, email me at

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

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