ceiling is not strong
use of ordinary aluminum buckle ceiling, glass and other materials to minimize the use, so as to avoid the ceiling to become a filthy place. No need to set up ceiling suspended ceiling to make the living space more beautiful, many consumers in the pursuit of beauty at the same time, ignoring the future maintenance. When installing the
ceiling, do not leave the ceiling maintenance port, the future ceiling repair, wire inspection and other work becomes not easy. Countermeasures: Setting the access hole may be due to beautiful, but the inspection port can not be missing, because the ceiling may be covered with wires, and later to repair can not find the location can be explored
into, all places are sealed, on To be completely unveiled the ceiling, so worth the candle. A small area of the ceiling generally retain a 500x600mm maintenance can be. Ceiling installation do not have to be too bothered Many consumers believe that the ceiling decoration is only a small part of the smaller, do not have to spend too much on
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