commission junction
I am still setting up with my sites with However, it looks positive because you can pick and choose what ads you want to include on your website assuming your approved for that company.
I just signed up with clickbank this afternoon actually to promote my ebook. I made my first clickbank sale tonight. This should be interesting.
Yes clickbank is better than and they have lots of products for selling. I think we can earn more money from clickbank than
Icetray Wrote:Yes, you may want to try click bank. They can really help you earn money. I know because I didn't realise that I paid for a product. I just messing around with their payment system and I later received an e-mail saying that 19.95 had been deducted form my paypal account and I don't recall seeing the pay now button on paypal's site during the purchase.

This sounds like a problem for me! So you end up paying stuff that you didn't order? I wonder if it is a way to get your money without you actually wanting to spend it.
Yes you can select your ads from your user panal and also you can know what money will be paid for selling products.
I think I need to research a lot more about CJ. Seems like a good investment, but I am still not sure of how it really works.
Well you can research a lot more about CJ from various website and forums but I am sure it is hot earning problem.

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