dot ME domains market potential
I've created a site for exposing the marketing potential of dot ME domains. As a new domainer, I've acquired 80+ action-oriented dot me names and will be developing most of them. If you are interested in dot ME, please check out
I've started with and - feel free to add to the tag clouds.
I visited your sites, interesting. I bet you are abeer lover. It seem that dot .Me is great for adult site, it sounds very invitingWink
Yes I love beer. You are right, Dot Me is great for adult sites. Try this search ...
My favorite has got to be SEX-STARVED.ME. I bet that has a very wide appeal both in the Internet world and beyond Wink

I really like your approach in the .me extension. You seem to have some great domains there. Your biggest challange would probably be defining the benifits of that extension over the traditional .com that most buyers go for. But you seem to be doing quite well.

Good luck
A new friend of mine has posted his view of dot ME vs dot COM and about their potential.
To see the value of dot ME's visit dot me auctions - click on current price to sort.
Other than at $90K (might get taken away) many have been sold for $10K. The auctions are still on-going and these are for those that godaddy had issues with. Insure.ME is still in auction at $59Kwith several insurance companies rumoured to be bidding. The real auctions are supposed to start in September for the premium names like,,, etc.

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