fabric feel soft and thick, natural
natural environmental protection, the price is relatively cheap, the most diverse, but the flexibility is poor, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, less wearable. Pure cotton fabric feel soft and thick, natural color is uniform color is the top grade. Cortical fabric must look at the skin material, observe the skin surface has a more obvious pores and patterns, no smell, hand touch leather surface if smooth (grain processing into thick skin except), soft, plump The feeling of elasticity
is leather. Second point: to see the pad of the filler now on the market sales of the sofa cushion mainly in the following two: First, independent of the spring, the second is a sponge. High-grade wooden sofa cushion should be used in the density of 30 kg / cubic meters of high elastic foam sponge, back pad should use the density of 25 kg / cubic meters of high elastic foam sponge. Generally recommended with a separate spring, because the spring resilience and high
anti-aging, while the sponge sitting for a long time prone to a pit. The third point: look at the thickness of the sofa mat wooden sofa can choose a thick mat, sit down will not be so hard, you can cortex sofa cushion, looks more noble and elegant, it can be fabric sofa mat, simple and stylish. The above is home to introduce Xiaobian wooden sofa mat of the purchase skills, we hope to buy wooden sofa mats help. More knowledge of sofa mats, please keep an eye on
construction foam board
pagar piket putih yang diperbuat daripada kitar semula
pvc skirting board production line

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