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The island of Mauritius has a total land area of around 784 square miles or otherwise a total area of around 788 square miles. As per reports recorded in the year 2006, the population in Mauritius amounts up to about 1,240,827. The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis. According to statistics published in the in the year 2003, around 148,000 people live in the city of Port Louis. It is believed that around 1 percent of people in Mauritius talk English Cheap Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey , 81 percent talk creole, 12 percent talk bhojpuri and 3 percent talk French.

Moreover, around 68 percent of people in Mauritius are Indo-Mauritian, 27 percent are creole, 3 percent are Sino-Mauritian and around 2 percent are Franco-Mauritian. Mauritius is a multiracial island. So, people of different religions exist. Around 48 percent of Mauritians are Hindu followed by nearly 24 percent of Roman Catholic. On the other hand, around 8 percent of people are Catholic while approximately 17 percent are of Islamic origin. Also Cheap Seattle Seahawks Jersey , as per surveys carried out in the year 2003, the literacy rate in Mauritius sums up to 86 percent.

Furthermore, about half the population of Mauritius, that is around 570,000 people form part of the labour force. A more detailed approach to this figure would resemble as follows: about 36 percent of people in Mauritius are employed in the construction and industry, around 24 percent in services, nearly 14 percent in agricultural and fishing Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jersey , around 16 percent in trade, restaurants and hotels, 7 percent in communication and 3 percent in finance. Additionally, the industries that operate in Mauritius are the food processing, textile, clothing, chemicals Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , metal products, transport equipment, nonelectrical machinery and tourism.

In addition to, the gross income of exports in Mauritius may have amounted up to $ 1.949 billion f.o.b (free on board). This figure had been revealed from surveys in the year 2005. The major export products in Mauritius are mainly clothing and textiles, sugar, cut flowers and molasses. While the government of Mauritius gains some revenue in export, various products need also to be imported. Statistics form the year 2005 reveal that imports may have amounted up to $ 2.507 billion f.o.b (free on board). The main imported products are manufactured goods Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jersey , capital equipments, foodstuffs, petroleum products and chemicals.

The major trading partners of Mauritius are UK, France, U.S., Madagascar, Italy Cheap Oakland Raiders Jersey , South Africa, China, India, Bahrain, Japan (2004). Also, there are no transportation railways in Mauritius. But the road and public infrastructure is well developed with 1926 km of highway of which around 1868 km had been paved. These highways are also equipped with around 44 km of expressways to ensure the fluidity of traffic circulation. Only around 58 km of roads in Mauritius had been left unpaved. It is important to remember that Mauritius is a developing country and infrastructures are best in more important areas.

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