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by Denis Elamu

JUBA, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- South Sudan's only tarmacked major highway, the 123-mile Juba-Nimule road, remains a death trap in the eyes of many who endure hours of travel along the potholed road linking the war-torn country to the Ugandan border.

According to Isaac Mashete, a driver for Eco-Bus one of the few bus companies plying along the Juba-Kampala highway, he is always wary of a bullet striking him at his seat along with others on board by armed groups operating in the shadow on the road.

"The first thing you fear is a bullet, other accidents are common and whenever they occur the wreckage on the scene is not carted away and so further accidents reoccur," Mashete told Xinhua on Sunday after he negotiated the tortuous journey to arrive in Juba.

Since the renewed July clash in Juba last year the highway has claimed more than 100 lives, including shooting at the Ugandan army convoy evacuating people fleeing fighting and the February shooting to death of a top ranking South Sudan army (SPLA) Brigadier has reinforced public fear and anxiety.

Those who always risk the journey have told Xinhua that the persistent robberies, killings along the key transport corridor of South Sudan is driven by the fact thousands of illegal weapons being in hands of civilians who impersonate security agencies.

Mashete, added that on several occasions some ill disciplined security people and criminals not particularly rebel outfit have resorted to carrying out robberies, which he attributes to the prevailing economic hardship in the country that has led to delayed salaries for the SPLA and police officers.

"Another thing there are several people with guns and uniforms. And it is difficult to distinguish who is a government soldier or impersonator. So the government should disarm the population," he revealed.

He also disclosed that ever since last year, when of one of their Eco-bus was attacked by gunmen who later set the ill-fated bus ablaze; he is relieved this year they haven't yet been attacked.

But, adds that with the coming of the rainy season starting February, the tall grass and trees along the road will grow and will affect visibility which gun men will take advantage of to stage deadly attacks on travelers.

Mashete urged the authorities to help cut down the tall trees and grass along the road to give visibility to drivers, thus avoiding road ambushes that have been a permanent occurrence before subsiding in January, this year.

SPLA spokesman Brigadier Lul Ruai Koang revealed to Xinhua that the gun men behind attacks of vehicles use hit-and-run tactics where they exploit the distance between the over stretched soldiers deployed to patrol the road.

"The only problem you cannot have soldiers stretched along the 90 km road because the attackers use hit-and-run tactics and this is a problem," Koang revealed.

He added the army continues to patrol the main transport road, which net importer South Sudan relies on entirely for most goods and services from the East African region.

Another bus driver Musisi Godfrey told Xinhua that besides negotiating the pot holes on the road, the various illegal checkpoints mounted by security agencies were frustrating as one has to keep paying loose change at these posts which further delays a journey that would take three hours to negotiate.

"I have a person I brought and he had been cleared with the immigration office, but when he returned shortly from Juba while heading to Kampala, they (officers) requested again for the very requirements and yet they were not expired," he disclosed, adding that some officers were harassing and extorting money from travelers illegally. Enditem

BEIJING Harrison Barnes Womens Jersey , Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- China's most famous wall may have been built to keep people away, but a new kind of wall in the eastern city of Qingdao is bringing people closer together.

Over the weekend Seth Curry Womens Jersey , hooks and hangers appeared on the side of a Qingdao building under the words: "If you need it, take it." This "Wall of Kindness Dirk Nowitzki Womens Jersey ," the creation of local charity Chuangyi Workshop, invites passers-by to leave their spare warm clothes and encourages those who are in need to take them.

"It is just like what you do at home. You hang your clothes when you get home and you take them down and put them on when you go out Dennis Smith Jr. Womens Jersey ," said Wang Lei, director of Chuangyi Workshop.

Wang was inspired by a similar scheme in Iran Wesley Matthews Jersey , and put it into practice in China as the country experiences its coldest winter in decades.

She and her colleagues receive lots of clothes from donors, especially in winter. The challenge is how to get them into the hands of the needy.

They thought about sending them to people in remote mountainous areas of southwest China but it was not cost-effective and many of Chuangyi Workshop's counterparts were already doing the same. So they decided to help people closer to home.

When the clothes were first hung on the wall Harrison Barnes Jersey , passers-by thought they were for sale. After they learned the reality, some began to come up and try them on.

Wang photographed Mr. Liu Seth Curry Jersey , a sanitation worker responsible for the area around the Wall of Kindness, sporting a nearly-new pair of jeans from the edifice.

Since the photos were widely circulated via social media Dirk Nowitzki Jersey , the hooks have been weighed down with far more donations than they can support. Clothing is piled high on the street underneath.

"This is a simple, immediate way of helping people and it makes my spare clothing useful to others Dennis Smith Jr. Jersey ," said Qingdao native Tan Jing, dropping a second lot of clothing at the wall in two days.

Wang has been touched by people's generosity. "Some of the clothing is practically new. I don't even have to wash my hands after sorting it."

Walls of Kindness have also sprung up in several other Chinese cities. They have been reported in. Von Miller Jersey   Tom Brady Jersey   Authentic Todd Gurley II Jersey   T. J. Watt Youth Jersey   Stefon Diggs Youth Jersey   Shaquem Griffin Kids Jersey   Saquon Barkley Kids Jersey   Royce Freeman Kids Jersey   Roquan Smith Bears Jersey   Richard Sherman 49ers Jersey

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