godaddy salute to america
It was re-posted on the godaddy blog this week:

Is it just me, or do the fireworks make it look like there is fire raining down on america? Rolleyes
i just get a black screen of death...

on the subject of domain registrars, go for rather than godaddy.
LOL. They always have some cheesy stuff on there. Bob Parsons paints himself as a huge patriot. His blog is interesting to read sometimes.
america has lots of farmland.
rich farmland support lots of cows.
lots of cows make lots of milk
lots of milks makes lots of cheese

therefore america is full of cheese.
I thought the moon was made of cheese. Of course, cows produce more than milk. They produce clever little piles of ick. So, therefore some of America is likely full of bull ick.
LOL Good ones!! Glad you included "some," there's still a few good in the US. Rare, but it's there. Big Grin
Sometimes people refer to money as cheese, so I will agree the US is full of cheese.

Now I need to make like a rat and "get me" some more cheese!
Hmm, it all loaded then just redirected me back to the homepage? ANyways, I had to go through 1,000 security warnings when opening the page Sad
I need more cheese too! What's your favorite type of cheese? LOL. Hey, I think there are definitely some decent folks still in America. A lot of folks gripe about the US, but truthfully there are a lot of good people here. Many scumbags but still some good.
Any place has its share of good cheese, bad cheese, and really rotten cheese.
I like the blue variety. Big Grin

Without meaning to sound like I'm promoting my blog or something, my new
post this Saturday is about them. It's something I hope people will give a lot
of thought before choosing them as their provider.

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