got my new laptop
Hi guys!

I've been a bit behind in answering private messages lately because my old dell laptop crashed.

But since it was under guarentee, dell sent me a brand new (and better) one for free! I've got to say, this is really great! Thanks dell!

Does anyone know whether its bad to move a laptop around while its on?

I've always done this, but I'm taking a step back and reconsidering my old habbits now that I have a shiny new computer!


Hey zach, congratulations on the new computer. It sounds like Dell has a great customer service policy.

If I remember correctly off the top of my head, last year when I read some of the manual for my new Toshiba laptop, it said that it shouldn't be moved around while it was running.
Well I move mine around all the time. I've always done this and will continue to do so until my computer itself tells me to stop!
I moved mine around a lot and it still works. My sons spilled ice tea on the keys and they don't work. So I plugged a keyboard in the mouse port and use the fingerpad for my mouse and it still works fine, I just have to carry a extra key board. Look really funny though.
So when do the kids get out of the hospital? Just kidding.....but I would blow a few gaskets if one of my kids had ever done that.
ACCER Wrote:So when do the kids get out of the hospital? Just kidding.....but I would blow a few gaskets if one of my kids had ever done that.

It was a moment of sheer horror on his face when it happened. It was my drink and he was just cleaning up the front room. If he had been doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing I would have blow up, but since he wasn't and the look on his face was so bad I just said it was okay. Could have happened to anyone. But inside I wanted to scream and maybe cry just a little bit.
oh well, maybe that's why mine dosen't work Smile

My laptop has suffered so much abuse. Everything from dropping and bumping to spilling. The other thing that I tend to do is work in bed (i know i know, it's pathetic, but I have long days working on domains!). It can easily get over heated, so now I slip a massive cardboard calendar that I have under it before I use it. That way it dosent over heat.

If I had kids like Hugroll, and they treated it the way I treated it, I'd send them to the corner (or whatever you supporsed to do, I've never taken parenting classes).

I heard about somebody ruining a laptop with a cup of coffee a few years ago, but I thought maybe they had some kind of protection against spills now.

Hurgoll, I'm glad you can still use yours, even with another keyboard. Wink
Well, I have an iBook from 2001. And works perfectly! The keyboard is very dirty, even though I try cleaning it up many times. I do move it around when is on, I just close it and it turns "asleep", but never had a problem. I do take it to bed many times to watch DVDs.
Congrats Zach with your new Laptop!!
Great news on the laptop computer Zach !! We have a new Dell too, but it's a regular computer not a laptop. The girls use it all the time but no drinks are allowed in here. They have the den and kitchen for that. I had a lady at work, (my first job), who accidentally spilled cola on the keyboard. They replaced it, not her. Thank goodness !! Smile

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