hosting multiple sites
used to have just host but they constantly drop almost daily now just bought a dedicated server, which obviously is the ultimate, forget hosting company's get a dedicated
You can host multiple websites in a single hosting because I got my 5 websites hosted in a single server . I got this service from the online site .They provide me good offers at reliable cost.I recommend you to try this site.
You can check out

I have been using them to host several sites, all under 1 roof.

Using a sub-domain means that you don't have to register a domain name in the early stages of a new website. It gives you a chance to first test the demand for a particular niche before you spin it off to a fully fledged site with a registered domain name.

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Sky Host is providing best web hosting services at reasonable prices with ultimate customer support. If you are looking to host multiple sites then Sky Host is the best option for you to go with.

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