.info domains
I have seen some .info domains are having high PR but still .info domains are cheap to register and all. What can be the reason to be cheap ?
People seem to think .info aren't worth as much as .com because they won't receive as much traffic and harder to promote. I totally disagree, your returning visitors might be a little lower if they don't add your site to their favorite list, but its not that much a difference from .com.

Its knowing how to promote your site, and keep returning visitors.
Domains are domains aren't they.
Only people cares about the extension and spiders like all as same.
And I got a .info domains with a PR of 2.
Yes we people only take care about the extension and spiders and search engines count all as same. So extension is not big factor.
Hey, if info. blows up as big as .com...alot of people are going to be in business when the price goes up (for resell, of course).
they will never blow up like the .com. However, assuming you build your site right and market it to get high traffic and pr, it should still be worth a pretty penny.
I agree... .com is and was an original and well trusted. I think .info may become more popular, though, in years to come.
I don't think they'll become really popular, the internet boom has already happened, and its unlikely to repeat itself for .info.
Maybe it won't be info. that will blow up, but something is sure to happen...look at all the progress in different technology over the years. I wish I knew in advance.
Its possible something will happen, but I don't think another extension will be close to what .com is currently.

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