Come on appraisal gods and goddesses!

What do you think of
Well since you summoned me...

It could be brandable in the future, but right now there's not much there. 0 searches/month on overture.

I don't know whether you will get much traffic from a typo (looking at, they dont seem to have that much traffic).

Again it looks like a product name and you never know, a new product might carry that name.

Unless I missed something, i wouldn't let it go for less than mid/high $xx.

Thanks Zach.

I guess I was thinking of "jockets" as Jackets with an English accent. LOL.
reg fee IMHO.

The mis spelling is good only in loan domains like "" instead of "" which my friend has. Also strong key word .. isn't it?
You should be able to get about $50-60 from it if you get a good sale. Thats a good domain I think for a jockey's type, jacket typo may also help as well. Good luck in your ventures whichever way you go.
maybe $25... jock is kind of dirty?
who knows, it might be a product names later on , sound quit brandable

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