Is keyword with no such volume worth?
- Keywords reported by Google as “No Search Volume” does not actually mean it has practically zero search volume at all. It such cases, that particular keyword or keyword phrase has a very minimal monthly search volume that Google deemed it irrelevant. The question is – is it worthwhile to market to No Search Volume keywords?

- According to Marketing Tech Blog, marketing to no search volume keywords have actually done good for one of their clients Right on Interactive. At the start of their campaign, they focused on using a relatively new phrase “customer lifecycle marketing” which practically had no search volume. The term however was very relevant to their brand and product so they persisted in using the term. Their efforts paid off as the term now generates more than 30 highly targeted searches each month – with them topping the ranking ladder of course.

- The point here is that even though a particular keyword phrase has very little search volume but is highly relevant to your brand or product, it can actually be beneficial for your marketing efforts to continue using them. Even if it attracts only a few visitors each month, but you’re generating a very high percentage of leads, you can have higher chances of generating conversions and turning them into customers.
In Google’s own definition, low search volume is “a status that’s given to a keyword with very little to no search history on Google.”

Because they are marked as having very little search history, Google will deem it irrelevant and will set the keyword to an inactive status so it won’t trigger your ads, particularly if you’re using these keywords for paid advertising. The problem with an inactive status is when someone types in an exact or matching phrase, your ads will not show up because of this seemingly negative label.

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