marketing effect particularly
is that the "advertisement" has become "content".attaching lattic to pergola With the help of the film, it has promoted the corporate culture. For enterprises, microfilm is a video and television marketing that is entirely for business. This is the same as the film and television placement of advertising,how to mount pop bottle planters to a fence but it does not use the advertising that solid propaganda, but to adopt a more gentle, into the narrative style of the story itself, so that the audience in the imperceptible
acceptance of corporate brand. The time for the microfilm to rise in the home industry was very short. The first microfilm was "Breakfast" that Cobb launched on March 28th, 2012. In the flooring industry,how to higher existing fence well-known brands such as Icon, Nature, steel deck for slab price in philippinesand Living Home also successively launched their own micro-films, achieving a relatively satisfactory publicity effect. WeChat Marketing WeChat Marketing is an online marketing method
accompanied by WeChat. There is no limit to WeChat.wood chip plastic composites After the user signs up for WeChat, it can form a connection with the same registered “Friend”. Users can subscribe to their own needs. Information, businesses promote peer-to-peer marketing of their products by providing users with the information they need. At this stage, there are not only a few floor brands that publish their own WeChat public platforms,wooden benches for courtyard philadelphia but most of them are

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