near the heat, usually people
distinction. Second, wood carving tea maintenance 1, rosewood tea tray is best placed away from the window door, air and other air circulation strong place, to avoid direct sunlight. Can not let the indoor temperature is too high, winter should not be placed near the heat, usually people in the room wearing a sweater feel comfortable as well. Autumn and winter to make indoor air as much as possible, usually with a humidifier humidification, the room can also
adjust the indoor air culture, indoor air humidity. 2, how to keep the wood carving tea clean: clean wood tea tray can not use chemicals, this will damage the protective film and scratch the surface of tea tray. Wooden tea tray should also avoid exposure to the sun. To prevent cracking. Should also keep the tea tray not too wet. Will fade. If you put a long time, but also moist with water. So as to avoid water dispersion crack. Wooden tea tray is easily scratched by
hard objects if the tea used has a relatively coarse clay or metal cladding material. Wood carving tea classification and maintenance, we have a small family to share over, and hope to understand the wooden tea tray to help, for more information on tea, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Sandalwood is a valuable wood, it is hard texture, beautiful texture, so made of sandalwood tea tray is also favored by consumers, here we learn
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pvc wood effect wall panels for exterior
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