network or the actual investigation
components of ecological wood materials are wood, wood and wood, texture and solid wood, can nail, drill, mill, saw, planing, paint, not easy to deformation, crack. Third, the disadvantages of ecological wood 1, poor load-bearing capacity of ecological wood because it is through the foam products, its structure and solid wood has a world of difference, the internal granular powder and air bubbles.
Therefore, the ecological wood products are relatively soft and tough. At the same time, the mechanical properties of ecological wood is very strong, it can be wound into a surface, but the disadvantage is that it can not be used in the structural force of the place, such as beam, pillars, bridges, which is the current technology is still difficult to solve The problem. 2, fire generally ecological wood is not so high fire,
and now the market a lot of ecological wood fire rating is flammable level. When there is a heat source next to, such as spotlight temperature is relatively high, it will be deformed, next to roll up. Part2: purchase must be cautious ecological wood purchase process As the understanding of ecological wood is not very clear, so the purchase can not be very smooth. Many owners in the purchase of ecological
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cost of wood fencing per foot quick
composite waterproof decking material

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