omg omg
LOL I just saw this on google video, and I remembered discussing godaddy here before.
sorry it's so funny
i think most ppl i know who use go daddy run sex sites. lol i guess they want more of that. Big Grin
lol :eek:

yes they released loads of these, including one for the super bowl.
this is good
Was that the original Super Bowl Commericial from two years ago? Looks like it. I know they tried to get another racy one on this last year but the ABC and the NFL nixed it. So they had to put in a much tamer one.
For an attention getter on the Super Bowl, I think it was great advertising well with all the beer commercials! Can't blame a company for trying anything!

Besides, there are those of us who use godaddy who aren't into sex sites lol.
A supermodel is hard to resist!
great post!

and the fact that they have bob parsons on is a hoot!
That is so funny!
Ahh yeah those are so funny. It took them 46 tries or something to get accepted into super-bowl for commercials this year. I love those commercials they're sooooo funny! Big Grin
My favorite super bowl commercial has got to be the hearding cats one.

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