online business order issue
I have developed online store and have gifts products i.e home, office decoration gifts. wholesale gifts for family, gifts for her and gifts for him, christmas gifts, use computer and laptop etc. but still i am unable to collect any order online. My unique visitor is also too low. Any company would like to suggest me any method which improve my business or market my website. So, please contact with me on pm.
Thanks for your time, waiting for your reply

If you are referring to your site 'thebobbyshop' you may want to make some changes to your meta tags. You are in a very competitive market and up against the 'big boys'. This means your ranking in the general terms listed in your meta tags will not get you a lot a traffic.

If you take some of your specific products and focus on these niche areas you may be able to increase rankings and increase traffic. Then, you might be able to start receiving orders.

Hope that helps
I would suggest some in-depth research into some keywords and run a few PPC / Adwords campaigns... But as Biz said above, make sure your "base" SEO measures are up to scratch.. (Meta tags, anchor tags etc.)
As a matter of fact DUTCHEZZ just gave you the best advice of all

You should definitely use some PPC testing

December, for me at least, has always been a slow month and all my sales go down about 20%. So, I use PPC and Adwords to increase sales. Also, this way you can see what products will actually sell and what products dont. Just because you have a lot of products that does not mean people will buy. I learned the hard way. Sometimes you put in time and money and get 'zippo' for all your efforts and then sometimes you develop a winner

... so go with advertising campaigns because it will be the only way to find out.

Good call DUTCHEZZ Big Grin

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