operational accessories
There are operational accessories. These accessories include battery chargers. Bear in mind these chargers are often phone and model specific so that they are not interchangeable. There are hands free kits that are easily installed in your vehicle. These enable you to talk on the phone and keep both hands on the wheel. There are antenna boosters that help to strengthen the signal between your phone and its cell tower. These are particularly good in areas where cell phone signals are not strong. Batteries are available for your cell phone but they are made specifically for your model and manufacturer of cell phones.
An attachment is available to attach to your phone that will add some time on your battery when its low until you can get it charged again.
There are speaker phone kits. These are attachments for your cell phone that allow you to talk on the phone without holding your handset in one hand and trying to control your vehicle with the other. There are a variety of dashboard mountable holders that can be placed within arms reach.
Cases and holders are available in various styles. There is the horizontal case that looks very much like an eyeglass cases. Vertical cases look like pocket eyeglass cases. Cell phone holsters are available for your belt or to be worn across you shoulder like you see policemen wear on television.

When upgrading to a phone with a bigger screen, buyers often overlook one important consideration: A bigger screen is harder to navigate one-handed if you do not have a custom popsocket or phone ring holder. back in the days of small screens, your thumb could probably reach all corners without much trouble. But today's 5- and 6-inch models just don't allow for thumb-powered operation -- not without a little help. What's your way to get a better grip on your phone? Popsocket VS phone ring stand, which one do you like better?

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