page rank fraud
I didnt understand the result of that site.
It shows so many things oh my god. I am confused.
Deelip! You are not alone! I just got in there to see if I could figure it out, and I only found that I KNOW NOTHING!!! I thought by now I would've learned some interesting things about domains and the importance of dealing with them... well, now I really feel I know nothing! There is so much more to learn! I think I am just going to stick to being the creative part and leave all these things to my partner!
Ouch. That's harsh. Was it a trusted buyer? What is it's current rank on google? Sorry to hear about that though. That is horrible.
zach Wrote:I think that google fixed this a few months ago.

People used to use "HTTP301 redirects" to fake PR. So they would enter this code:

< ?php
header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");

You could redirect a domain to site with high PR (like PR10 or PR9) and then wait for the next google update. Google would then assign the redirected PR to your domain. Then people would just remove the 301 redirect, and have a fake listing for 3 months.

Other people actually tested to see if googlebot was the visitor. If it was, they would show a 301 redirect. If it was a normal visitor, they would show their own site.

Well that is a hell of a bug! at least they fixed this. It is crazy how some people try to use these ways to fake their PR, I never knew this could be done. At least this issue was solved, wew.
How ever are they doing this.
Maybe something to do with the ".htaccess" file.

Anyway Google should better do some advanced tracking.
Keep in mind that Google is working on shaking up seo so page ranks may go out the window.
Whats the world coming to, making a fake PR....Luckily I've never been scammed on a PR domain before.
I think this is new technology where people making fake Pagerank for site. This is first time I heard about this scam.
There are some factors that you need to check in order to know if the PR is fake or not.
-check the domain registration year, if it's 2012 and PR5 then their is something not right.
-check the backlinks to the domain.
-put "" in google and check if the domain is redirecting to another website (and this is how they fake the pagerank)
You could just go to the website and do "view source" to see if they've put the sneaky code in their header.

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