please appraise
#1 xeriscape plans, supplies, designs, information.

Most years here in the southwestern US. we have a
summer drought and many, especially developers are

Other uses of xeri xeris ? thanks

I guess when the planet dries up it will really appreciate! (frown)

I understand that xerisco has something to do with drought in the Southwest. But, could you explain just what it means. I have no idea.
Actually, xerisco isn't a word. I'm referring to xeriscape, hoping that at some point it may be an attractive name for an end user- xeriscape plans, materials, etc. and maybe even an ezine. I like the sound of it. It's probably something that will look better and better over time. Thanks for helping!
Thanks for responding. On further investigation, I found out the main word is xeric. So I looked and found that (nice) was registered by a fellow New Mexican 5 years ago. He lives like 10 miles from me. Okay- xeriscape is landscape with drought tolerant plants and native materials. So I also registered xericco (xeric company). The x is pronounced Z. Because you reponded, it got me thinking- which led me to another domain that pleases me and will make a little money. This shows one example of the value of this forum. Look Mom, I'm domaining! Cool Dulcinea
OK. I looked up xeriscape and found that it has to do with landscaping with plants from the natural environment, so that watering is not needed. It conserves water and helps the land. I had no idea this was a word! I've talking about this concept many times, but didn't know there was a word for it. HA! I see that there is actually a xeriscape logo in Denver.

After I had looked I saw your next post about the root word xeric and the owner of that domain living near you! Too bad he thought it up first, but this is a wonderful idea. I'm certain there are other variations of the word to be purchased and that this will be a bigger concept in time.

I really like Xericco. I'm sure that will earn you some money as well. I would just play around with the word some more and see what else you can come up with! I see a similar word that isn't purchased yet at the address. Wink
I guess it is a name that makes sense in some areas of the cou ntry, because I'm in New York, and I have NEVER heard of that, so it doesn't make any sense to me. I guess you will make better money developing the site instead.
Yeah, I had no idea either Berlin. I did some research and found a similar word, "mesic." Apparently mesic usually refers to prarie, but has other uses. Since green landscaping is a growing concern, I would think any of these domains would have potential.

I was contemplating purchasing some version of mesic myself, but decided not to do so. I thought I'd throw that out there if anyone else wants to run with it.
Do you know ?

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