program to be learn
Thanks Kitten, I'm getting on OK so far and I have teenagers at home so there is usually someone to point me in the right direction if I get confused.
Haha, yeah, utilize those teenagers! Remember that if you run into a part that's confusing or you're unsure about, there's a 99% chance that someone else had the same problem.....and it's probably published somewhere on the internet, so do some digging and you'll likely find the answer.
Kitten Wrote:Haha, yeah, utilize those teenagers!

I will make the most of them, this is the only situation where my 17 year old really does know as much as she thinks she does!
Templates help as do the tutorials but to give it your own touch, you'll want to be able to understand some html code. I used to use bbedit to learn code but there are a lot of programs out there that let you design without code but then show you what you did so you can learn.
thank you for that thread
Hmmm I understand!!!
There are lots of tutorials which provides you the different programming language to learn such as PHP,, Java and HTML. These tutorials provides the learning in very simple and the easiest format. You can find this tutorial easily from search engine.

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