Ok I'm trying to sell domains, thats why I registered here, but then when I go to the domains forum, it says that I can't because I have to post 15 post in order to be able to post there. WHY? This sortta defeats the purpose of me creating my account, because now I have to waste time, making meaningless post that people won't even want to read, just to list my domain names for sale, which is probably the only thing they would care to see in the first place. That would take forever to post 15 times, maybe if I get a lot of spare time or bored and decide to clog down the forum with meaningless post I'll try to fill that quota, but in reality, that seems like this forum must loose a lot of it's traffic and users, due to that restriction, since they lead you to believe that by creating an account you can post your domains for sale right away. At least they don't charge I guess.

I have domains for sale on godaddy, and I'm trying to find a better way to sale them, here or elsewhere, any thoughts? I have domains listed on godaddy like, and so on. Are these bad names, because no one has bidded on them. How can I let more people know that these names are for sale? Does paying the extra $20. to godaddy to make them special, increase chances of purchase. ANYONES THOUGHTS?
Bad domain name choices, you wasted your money. But if your interested in selling try or google domain auctions! good luck.

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