solid wood laminate flooring
crystal surface anti-pollution technology effectively eliminates the inconsistency of the pressure at the various points of the traditional floor press,modern deck design ideas resulting in uneven stress on all parts of the floor and the formation of dense pinhole grooves on the floor surface, achieving the floor The long-term preservation of the consumer, cheap landscape timbersthe consumer does not have to worry about the stain on the floor caused by the stains such as sweat generated during
the exercise.2x6x8 white composite boards 'Zhongheng' structure bamboo flooring: the first generation of bamboo flooring flat pressure, the second generation of bamboo flooring lateral pressure, for this DAZHUANG launched the third generation of 'Zhongheng' bamboo flooring, which is the development and creation of the previous bamboo flooring structure ,carolina forge patio furnitureComplete a gap in the Chinese bamboo flooring, compared with the current flat pressure, lateral pressure
structure, 'Zhongheng' bamboo flooring can effectively release the force from the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor,composite dock plates reducing the traditional bamboo floor wet expansion Instability of shrinkage can effectively prevent problems such as arching and deformation caused by moisture on the back of the floor, backyard flooring jobsso that the floor has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-moth-eaten and the like.When you go to the decoration company

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