the safety performance
Although the safety performance control is among the environmental protection requirements, the smell of such waterproof coatings is relatively large, and it is difficult for ordinary people cost of pvc flooring UAE to accept, and the environmental performance of individual brands is not up to the standard. Polyurethanes are colloidal and are very thick.
The use of scrapers during construction is laborious and complicated. After brushing the paint, it is necessary to perform surface treatment, pull the hair or lift the sand to increase the friction, and it is easy to tiling, and the drying speed is slow in the cold and buy decking board South Africa climatic conditions. "One-component" and "two-component" differences: mortars are two-component polymers, ie, they are made from the emulsion and mortar; acrylates and polyurethanes are single-component without mortar. Brush the base before painting.
The application of waterproof paint has a lot to do with the condition of the ground floor. The more uneven the grass, the more paint is used. Therefore, before applying the waterproof coating, it is better to simply treat the base layer and flatten the base layer as much as possible. Second, we should ensure that the ground is dust-free, soilless, and oil-free. We can carefully mop the floor with mop cloth and remove all the dust. Otherwise, it will cause cracking and peeling of the waterproof coating, which will exterior wall wood cladding affect the waterproof effect.

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