water namely actually
in-house water namely actually, such more convenient also a makings. Expended many effort eventually safe carry back in the factory, but still need to break up a cheap alternative fencing ideas paragraph small first before cut a paragraph of small ability is moved lie curium cut. Break up paragraphs small while big board stylist still can observe cross section decides thereby big board style, begin formally just be nervous cut next. Be in charge of the Sun
Shi teacher that there is 4x8 pressure stockade fence experience most in the factory of cut whole journey, the cut experience with so old experienced worker lets him have his particular standard, distinguish besides need according to the density of log besides the special device of cut, still need to have cut down grain, among them the mainest is " head knife " with " second knife " . A lot of sealed circumstances wood plastic composite export market can appear in the process of cut,
appear e.g. log hollow, jing perhaps wants to admire in grain comparing imagination, how to keep away from hollow part finishs cut, if be below the circumstance of the best material for an outside deck size that does not change a design,perhaps return the grain with can accurate gorgeous reservation, these are right big board the test of cut masters. The log after the cut that finish can undertake according to character semi-manufactured goods is operated

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