what is PBN in SEO?
Can anybody explain what is PBN in SEO?
A Private Blog Network (PBN) can be either one site or a group of websites (domains) that can be used to rank your site higher in search engines.
PBN stands for Private Blog Network. Its purpose is to bring link juice to your money site (the site from which you intend to make money)

How does it work

We all know that backlinks are the online currency. If you want to rank higher on Google SERPs then you need backlinks. However, there is a problem - Acquiring natural backlinks is a slow and uncertain process.
Well, you could contact an SEO operator who has a PBN - Private Blog Network.

This SEO operator owns a lot of sites with thin content. With an agreed amount he gives you backlinks to your money site from his PBN sites.


Your site starts to rank on Google within a couple of weeks.

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