which drop catcher is the best?
I read lots of mixed reviews on different drop catchers.
Some of it is pretty scary stuff for a newbie ...

Heard stuff like domains being shilled, and people getting ripped off.

Is there any drop catching companies out there that are reliable?
Pool.com and SnapNames.com

They get about 98% of the market. And they're reliable... you don't pay until you get the domain. If many people try to get the same domain, you go into a private auction and the highest bid wins. So it's not really first come first serve.

With godaddy, you have to pay upfront, and they only catch .cc's and other country codes. Godaddy usually fails at .nets and .coms (unless ofcourse no one else tried to catch the domain). Also, if the domain is Godaddy registered, they send it to their public auction at The Domain Name Aftermarket, EVEN IF you paid around $20 upfront for catch before it dropped. If they dont get the domain, however, you still have 1 year to use your catch credit on another domain, before it expires.

If I were you, I would go for SnapNames AND Pool. No harm in trying both, since you don't pay unless you get the domain.


You forgot enom.com!

I think enom pool and snapnames are the big major 3 companies if it comes to backorder a name.
Namejet.com, Pool.com, SnapNames.com, Godaddy.com and Dnbiz.com

Except godaddy have to pay upfront, you don't pay until you get the domain on Namejet.com, Pool.com, SnapNames.com, Dnbiz.com, no harm in trying.
Backorder price is as follow:
Namejet US$59 or $69 per name
Pool US$60 per name
Snapname US$69, $79 or $99 per name
Godaddy US$20.99 per name
Dnibiz ¥80(US$12.58) per name

I use Namejet , snapnames and Dnbiz all the time.
Hundreds of thousands of domains expire, drop, and become available to the public each day. Most of the good domains that dropped are registered within seconds of them becoming publicly available. This process is referred to as "drop catching".

Now you, too, can drop catch domains YOU want. As advertised above, Snatcher uses the Dynadot registrar to repeatedly login and attempt to register the domain you want. Every 10 seconds this process is repeated until your domain is registered.

For API access, Dynadot typically requires a $500 pre-paid deposit into your account. Most of us don't have this kind of money or don't do enough drop catching to really make this worth our while. That's where Snatcher comes in. It lets you compete with the big time drop catchers, albeit not *quite* as quickly, but it beats the hell out of hand-registering domains.

Similar and less effective drop catching utilities sell for 75-100 dollars. For a very short time, Warriors can purchase Snatcher for just $26.25.

So far, all of my users have had success with this script and have even commented on the fact that I was practically *giving* it away at a price of $35.00. Warriors, this is your last chance to get a great bargain on an incredible script! Don't sleep on this one!
I used SnapNames to acquire drop names, but don't ever use goddady for this job. All domains that are successfully backordered through Godaddy will ultimately end up in a public auction through their TDNAM Service service. This service allows anyone to bid auction style on the backorderd domains and this is what happened with me.

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