is getting around 20 hits per day for me.

looking to sell, can somebody suggest a price?
Very nice domain! I wouldn't let it go for less than $200 right now. In a year it will be worth a lot! a good investment.
Punched with Microsoft words in it. I think (ME not YOU) you will be lucky to keep that domain..
I think it's an attrative domain name!
You need to sell it asap otherwise you will get a letter from MS. They have bots that crawl the web looking for domains using their IP.

Get it before they contact you, if you wait until they get a hold of you, selling it might be considered fraud.

So move it now.
I had no idea that MS was following domain names with their content in it. You get in trouble for having a name like that?
Thats a really nice domain.
Sell it before ms look over you.
You can't sell the name to microsoft. It is considered as Bad Faith under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy at ICANN, and an aribitration court will take it away and you will lose your domain and your reg fee Sad
I don't think people were talking about selling the domain back to Microsoft, but rather getting rid of the problem by selling the domain to another party.
You can also put the name in your cousins, cousin, who has a brother that lives with his mother, but the person who really owns the name is that mother. Her email address is "big hut closest to the goat pen in the village with no name".

I guess that is a dumb idea as no person would be able to contact the owner.


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