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Full Version: Registering Domain Name Advise
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If I find a keyword domain available to register that has over 500,000 searches every month but its a really bag extension like .cc or .gs or .ms would it be worth registering or would it be a waste of money because of the entension?? Advise please!
I wouldnt do it unless the domain name and the extension work together, plus other restrictions.
It sounds like a long shot. Even with all the hits, it sounds like it would be useless to anyone in sales. It might work for Adsense though, assuming one could create valuable content for it.
I might give it a shot anyway as though its only 8 dollars and then develop and site and try and SEO it and add google adsense and see what happens. Submit to around 20 directories a day and hopefully will get traffic.
if you do buy it for adsense, make sure to check out the competition. It may have 500k searches but if there are 50 million competing pages you may be wasting your time.... unless you know a trick i dont about getting to the top of the search engines.... in that case, we need to talk! Wink

i do seo with, their keyword tool. and googles external keyword tool to see how much it pays.
nice info here
It would be nice if both are good. I mean, the domain name and the extension would caught people's interest. Smile
the site name should be important...
I know people who buy domains just for traffic. I'd buy it for $8. It's a good investment. Just make sure you do something with it.