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Full Version: What hosting type should I go for ?
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I am looking for a web hosting solution for a musical community website that is currently under development. 

I suppose that shared web hosting is not an option for this project : it will notably allow users to upload their own songs and let the other users rate them - therefore, the users will download many bytes of data (not necessarily streamed, but it would be nice to have), and over time all the songs will take a lot of space on the server. 

Am I looking for a VPS here ? Or do I necessarily have to go for a dedicated server ? I will rent the web hosting myself, this means that I don't have alot of money to spend - up to 100€ per month (but a cheaper solution would be much better.. If it is possible).

Can you please point me to the right hosting type ? How much would such a project approximately cost per month ? 
This will never become a "mega website" due to the fact that the targeted community is quite underground, but I expect to have a few hundreds, or maybe a few thousand uploaders over time if everything goes well.. 

If I am indeed looking for a VPS, I suppose that thanks to the fact that no videos will be streamed or downloaded (only mp3's of about 2-4MB), I can choose the "lower-end" VPS offers. For example with hosting providers like "Siteground" you can choose between 6 different VPS configurations, I suppose that I can pick the first or the second but I'm not sure at all.

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Shared hosting is the most popular type of hosting and will suit the majority of both business and personal needs. Most shared hosting companies use a Linux platform though some offer a Windows option as well, usually for a higher rate per month. Most shared hosting packages are scalable so you can start off with a small plan and then increase as your needs change. Some advantages include:

Low cost per month, often discounts are available if paid annually
Most shared hosts offer a variety of add on programs and tools that will help you optimize your site, make it more efficient and dynamic
You can use your own domain and domain email
There is usually adequate to superior customer support
You must go with shared hosting. The shared hosting service is the perfect solution for the users who want to host multiple small sites for smaller business.The shared hosting is most affordable web hosting solution.and the best part is its low cost price availability for the users.
Well I would personally suggest to use managed cloud hosting with CDN because your users mainly upload file so its quite obvious that you need large space and going with VPS/dedicated can be expensive as well. There are some good providers out there which will charge around $30 to $50 with pretty decent bandwidth. Cheers

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