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Full Version: How to assign port number to a domain name
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i have purchased a Domain Name on Enom..

i register for a Nameserver(i m using my own server..i put IP address of my server)

then in domain Manage>Dns Server setting i place that Name server(i have created naming server)..

now what i have to do at my server end to run DomainName that i have purchased(how can i assign port number to that domain Name)

what setting i have to do at my server end(means website on IIS and Domain name.when i write domain Name in Browser it must redirect on website default page)...

by default when i type that domain name in UI it redirect to a another web site that port number is 80.   i want to redirect it specific port. how can i do that...?

Please help.


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First you need to have access to IIS to change the host header as well assign the port to the web site .I think the better option for you to ask your hosting provider because they will guide you well or they can help you to assign port number.