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Full Version: Free designs from a 17 year-old millionaire girl!
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I saw a report on CNN about a girl that is 17 years old and she already is a millionaire. She is doing designs for mySpace and for cell phones, and she has them available on her website free of charge. She gets around 50 thousand hits a day, and she is making a lot of money with advertisers. Wouldn't you like to do that too??? I was amazed.
she's a millionaire from pay per click and banner impressions?
If I remember the article right, She sold her site, she had a high value niche that someone wanted. It was focused on Teengirls and that was her main thing. She had all the stuff a teenage girl could want on her site, because she just listed what she liked.
zach Wrote:she's a millionaire from pay per click and banner impressions?

I saw it on cnn and they didn 't say exactly how she made the money, they just said it was advertising. The mother said that when she saw what her daughter was doing, she decided to quit her job and work for her daughter!
That is amazing. It reminds me of another success story about a young boy who made a lot of money from his site that displayed soccer scores.

In his case, I think he made the money by selling it, too.
Both soccer and MySpace and cell phone designs sound like topics these kids probably were really interested in. It reminds me of the saying "do what you love to do and the money will follow."

Although these are exceptional cases. :eek:
She didn't sell her MySpace Design site... she had lots of offers but still wants to ride it out.
Her site is called:

She grosses approx. $70,000 to $100,000 each and every month mostly through Google's ADSENSE and yes her mother quit her job to work for her daughter.

Imagine that, her assets are frozen till she reaches the age of 18 (in a few months) Wink

Make you think, "DAMN, I wish I had thought of that"
Wow. That's such a cool story. It kind of makes it feel worthwhile to keep going in domaining and site development when you hear a story like that. I believe that if you put a lot of time and effort into your passion then other people will pick up on it. Turns out the girl and the soccer score boy just had a niche that was waiting to be picked up on. Good for them.
Yep, success can definitely happen to anyone with dedication and a good idea. I'm not aiming for millions, but just trying to do the best I can.
A great example of being in the right place at the right time.
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