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Full Version: Hi all
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I am also new to this forum
I belong to DNforum, and I'm looking to join others
I'll be searching around for them.
Happy selling / buying all!
Welcome to Domain Social...
Hey David,
Hows it going?
I notice your semi new (45 posts) here, thanks for the shout
and you have a 0 for trader rating, have you tried to sell on these forums?
thats what I'm looking for is a play to post what I have to sell
and to buy some deals etc. . . .
Thanks, Dan
Yeah I've posted some things in the "domains for sale" section, but haven't sold anything at domain social yet.

Feel free to PM me with what kind of domains you're looking to buy and what domains you have for sale...
welcome to the forums
welcome to the forum
welcome to the forum