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Full Version: highest PR your domains have reached
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what's the highest PageRank your domains (homepage) have ever reached?
mine is just PR3. but im looking forward to gain higher PR's in the future.
for some, PR's don't matter that much. but for me, this spells accomplishment Wink
I haven't been able to get a better rank than PR2 before but to be honest I haven't spent enough time promoting and advertising to warrant anything better than that. Although you're right that PRs don't matter much to some people they do allow you to take your webpage to different realms and possibly open the gate toward making money so they can be quite important depending on your goals.
I have gotten as high as PR 4 in the past, but in the last few years, I have not gotten higher than PR2. I don't know how the analysis changed, but that's how it is. Smile
My attempts are pretty modest. I've only reached PR2.

I don't follow it that closely, but I would like to continue to learn about it.
I had a pr3 the last time I looked, which was probably about 8 months ago. Since I don't watch pr and don't build my sites to pander to pr numbers, a pr3 was pretty good. LOL
I only have two little blogs, and honestly I have never looked for my PR... so I have no idea what it is or how high has gotten. But I guess that it is important depending on the domains you have.
It can be important but like a few people above I've never been too concerned with PRs. It's good to know and something to be happy about but a high ranking isn't what I try to go for for the most part.
Silly question, but where do you check your pr?
I always use: but there are lots you can try out.
Mine is PR2!
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