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Full Version: How do you input your Meta Tags?
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Ok guys, I would like to ask for some inputs and sharing in some SEO area. When we input our keyword(s) in those meta tags, eg :-
1. Title Tag
2. Descriptions Tag
3. Keyword Tag
4. Alt Tag
5. Hn Tag..etc

How do you guys actually place the word(s)? Would it be like :-
1. keyword1,keyword2,keyword3 ? (small cap, without spacing) or
2. Keyword1,Keyword2,Keyword3 ? (Cap, without spacing) or
3. keyword1, keyword2, keyword3 ? (small cap, with spacing after coma) or
4. Keyword1, Keyword2, Keyword3 ?(Cap, with spacing after come) or
5. keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 ? (small cap, without coma, and become a continuous phrase) or
6. Keyword1 Keyword2 Keyword3 ? (Cap, without coma)

Which is the actual or correct one??:confused:
I am pretty sure I use commas, but I have not messed with keyword tags in a bit. What are you using them for? I am pretty sure it is wtih a comma though.
i use
and key in domains i'd like to check.
it lists meta tags, and then i go back and compare against the page source, and follow the same format.

you can also check out
I read thru the link and tutorial, so now it is clear that this is advisable :-
Quote: <meta name="keywords" content="medical help, free diagnosis" />
There should be a coma seperating keywords and phrase. There is also a spacing after coma.

This will help me from falling into the trap of keywords stuffing which major SE don't like. Thanks guys.Smile
llegent, try this:

It generates the tags for you.
beyond meta tags there's a whole bunch of other SEO onsite optimization techniques.

you can check out kelvin hui's SEO videos at google videos at

i think brad callen has a free SEO guide too.
can try googling for it, else i will check my desktop and can host it on one of my sites.
let me know if you'd like that
I simply put meta tags separated by comas. The words are usually similar to the website names. I never used any tools.