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Full Version: What are the ways to improve your WordPress site’s speed?
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Could you recommend me the ways to improve my WordPress site’s speed?
One of my colleagues suggested me these tips:
- Optimize images for speed on FLATsite
- Use faster plugins
- Choose a theme that’s optimized for speed
So, i need to consult with you on what way is right for me and why.
Any inputs?
The control panel interface is fairly intuitive and it's easy to manage most things through web interface.
It’s a fact, static sites are better and load faster, but the popularity and ease of use of dynamic CMS like WordPress would make you think otherwise.
Several things will help improve the speed of a WordPress website.
For speed optimization & performance of your WordPress Website,
• Install a WordPress Caching Plugin like an SEO plugin.
• Do not upload any heavy files on your website.
• Optimize Images for Speed, reduce the size of images you are using, and less CSS.
• To speed up loading time for archive pages, you can fix your site to display excerpts instead of the full content.
• Do not upload audio or video content directly to WordPress.
• Remove old plugin and theme if not in use.
• Remove Bad links.

  1. Choose a better web hosting provider.
  2. Use a lightweight WordPress theme/framework.
  3. Reduce image sizes.
  4. Cleanup WordPress database.
  5. Deactivate or uninstall plugins.
  6. Keep external scripts to a minimum.
  7. Disable pingbacks and trackbacks.
  8. Minify JS and CSS files. 
  9. Use advanced caching mechanisms with a caching plugin.
  10. Use a CDN and enable GZIP compression.