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Full Version: Singular or Plural for META tags??
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Hi guys,
Apology if I ask too many questions about SEO things these few days. I am working on my directory site, it has been re-build just few days ago.

Ok, I would like to target some keywords for this site, but looking at the list of keyword's choice, it just stumble upon me that there could possibly be an instance where both singular and plural keywords could be used by surfers online.

So, do I just input the singular version?? Or I have to include both version??
i'd always go for both.

i have a site where i have 'woman' as a keyword in my domain. i could have a /women/ subdirectory to optimize my traffic too.
I agree with Andrew. I will always do both. No sense in leaving either one out. You don't get any medals for that. Smile
Thanks for the inputs guys,
Ok, if I were to include both singular and plural terms/phrase in those tags, would SE see it as keyword spamming?? I thought that by just inputing a singular keyword would be sufficient as SE would be able to tell if there "should be" singular+plural version when surfers perform their queries?
i guess i always assume the SEs are kinda stupid. so go for both.

i'd optimize both strategy and strategies to make sure i'm covered.
btw i did some research the other day.
tips is the highest ranked keyword, next to secrets.
strategies is the lowest ranked by searches among the 3.

so if you're planning to do a niche site, consider healthtips, sportstips as a first pick.
I am not good in this thing.
so let me be clear guys.
What kind of sigular plural?
grammer or the number of meta tags?
What kind of sigular plural?
grammer or the number of meta tags?