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Full Version: SEO optimize search instructions
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SEO optimize search instructions.
  Usually for webmasters, SEO needs to know some search engine commands, which can be very helpful for quick queries or to master some SEO technical parameters.
  Such as such as SEO optimization often need to write an article, but many pseudo original writing need similar articles for reference, will always have the inspiration, and inrul this command in SEO, can play a very important role.
  What are the most perceptive search engine instructions in SEO?
  The advanced commands of various search engines may not be the same, and the commands of each search engine may not be exactly the same, but they are generally not much worse.
  SEO optimized host search engine instructions include:
  1. The Site command
  The site command is the advanced search command, which is the search query, which is used by all search engines.
  The specific usage is:
  2. The Domain command
  This command will only commonly used in baidu, is said query website backlinks command, and the effect of this command is very ideal, some of the query result is not very accurate, as well (“ ”) of the query results.
  3. Inurl/allinurl command
  This command usually contains a keyword page, which is a generic command.
  For example, if you need to query a large number of blogs, this command can be queried, inurl:blog.
  This will show a lot of blog information.
  The allinurl command is a page that contains exactly the required keywords in the link.
  This command is more accurate than the inurl command.
  This command generally works with search engines.
  The specific usage is inurlConfusedeo optimization.
  4. Intitle/allintitle command
  This command is the keyword page in the query title, and allintitle indicates that the keyword page is completely included, which is equivalent to the exact inclusion in the SEM.
  However, these two commands are not easy to query in the baidu search engine, but they are better in Google search engine.
  The specific usage is: intitleConfusedeo optimization.
  5. Double quote “” command.
  Double quotation marks generally indicate that the exact thing is found in the search engine.
  Double quotation marks are the specific content that needs to be queried.
  The specific usage is: “SEO optimization”。
  6. Filetype command
  This command is a file that queries the specified format.
  It is useful to query some specified document formats.
  General search engines support this command.
  The specific usage is: filetype:doc.
  7. Wildcard * command.
  This command is easy to understand that this * can replace many related results.
  For example, search “SEO optimization *”, there will be a lot of SEO related content, such as the important factors that affect SEO optimization.
  8. The minus “--” command.
  This command indicates that the query result does not include the content after the minus sign.
  This command is similar to intitle, which is better in the Google search engine, and the results displayed in the baidu search engine are not very accurate.
  Specific usage: SEO optimization -SEO technology.
  These are the more commonly used SEO commands, as for more search engine commands, welcome to explore.
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