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Full Version: Power of forum signature.
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I didnt know that before only signature can give pr2 for a site. I have a site with no backlink but lots of signature links.
I didnt expect any pr since i i didnt have any backlinks. But only forum signature bring my site in pr2. Isnt that great?
Good going Deelip!

It really depends on the sites which the signitures are on. They are just like normal back links: if the thread gets PR4, you get a PR4 backlink. It can be a good idea to rent signatures from high posters on high PR sites.
That is interesting. I always thought signature looks were not of a ton of benefit to Google, but that is not bad. I know they can do fairly well when it comes to getting rankings on MSN and Yahoo! though.
I used to be wondered seeing people buying forum signature.
Once a guy asked for my forum signature in 5$ for 2 months. I only thought thats for traffic. I know that also can be usefull for pagerank also only after the last pagerank update.
yeah I never thought of them more than a way to get a new site indexed or get traffic from a relavant forum. It is interesting that they have some PR value.
That surprises me a lot, because that's something that is totally in the control of the webmaster/site owner. I really would not have thought that woudl be part of the google pR
One thing I might try is to go back and link to a new site in all my forum posts in all the forums I belong to. Over the years I have made a lot of posts. I wonder what would happen if all those posts turned to a new site right away.
I don't see how google would be able to tell whether a link is a sig link or not... so it should count the same as any old outbound link.
I had no idea either, but definitely good to know. I guess a link is a link, no matter where it comes from.
Good going with the posts count(100) deelip Big Grin
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