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Full Version: full domain blocking
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I'm sure there are some users who only see ABP as an ad blocker. Yet it is really a multi-purpose tool. It is a simple ad blocker (EasyList), a privacy threat blocker (EasyPrivacy) and a security threat blocker (MalwareDomains). Being able to block all requests to a domain, including those caused by a user clicking on a link, is absolutely necessary to the privacy and security threat cases, and it is even useful for the ad blocking case for those rare (?) cases where links redirect you through an ad page. ABP's usefulness is seriously weakened by this limitation. Yet the hole is left open. Why? 
I think it obviously best if subscriptions could make use of total domain blocking, but even if someone were against that for some reason, there would be the option of creating special filter syntax that only works in custom filters.
Isn't it kind of ridiculous for people to add another addon when ABP could easily support full domain blocking and that support would improve ABP dramatically?

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