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Full Version: optimum load on a page
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What are your thoughts on how many click opportunities per page is optimum? Is it unlimited? Or is there a maximum that visitors will tolerate before exiting without doing anything?
I don't know if there is a maximum, but there is a maixum that a worthwhile. The more you have, the more chances you have for someone to click on something less valuable.
Do you try to group clicks that have similar payouts?
I wouldn't group them by payouts but by earnings. Look at your earnings per thousand page views, and determine what are you best earners and focus on them. One thing may pay twice as much per click,lead or sale, but only convert 25% as much, so it would not be as valuable.

Remember you are giving your visitors choices. You want them to either choose something to make you money or choose to remain on your site.
I would rather have the visitors stay at my site, I want to make an online store. So would it be wise to have PPC on the site? I need some guidance.
In my opinion, Ladybecklyn, it would be fine to have PPC on the site, as long as you make sure they always open in a new window. Your best bet, though, is to have enough content on the site to keep people there... learn to trust your opinions, and they will then be more likely to follow any links you provide (including ads).

That's my opinion.
Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I currently do not have room for PPC but am overhauling my site so I may add some.