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Full Version: Best and efficient way to generate traffic
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Hello friends...!
What is the best and efficient way to generate traffic...? Your suggestions will be appreciated....Thanks in advance....!
Doing SEO the proper way. That is the most proper and effective way.
According to my opinion,forum posting,blog commenting and social bookmarking are the best and efficient ways to generate traffic....!
Vishal Bhatia
SEO is the best way to generate the traffic ..SEO include many element which are Forum posting, Blog Commenting, press release and so many..
You get more traffic by posting more often on her blog - every post is another possible value in the other - the more his followers to your site more often if you send your new job postings to the list correctly . To make more contacts and increase the chances that someone will ask you to mail client on your blog or on its behalf, saving you more days, besides yourself later.
Increasing ranking is not something that just happens, we developed one site and hit went straight to page 1 google # 7, then after realsing why we are not getting much traffic, DOH!! Google keywords when we developed it was set to "broad" then when we read its the "exact" keyword search that matters for how much expected traffic doh again to us!!

Oh well still got to first page though within hours of going live just by writing approx 17k words keyword rich
Forum Posting Include signature in do follow website is best seo technique to get backlinks & genrate traffic on site.
Best way to generate traffic on you website
1.Forum posting
2.Blog commenting release
Submit the link on the social networking websites.
In my opinion forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, and guest posting are the best and efficient ways to generate traffic. You can get your website indexed fast with the help of these techniques.
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