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Full Version: Importance of web content in Affiliate programmes
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I overheard if you have some "xyz" type of content then AdSence link offered to you are type of "xyz" so i am plannig some site to unique like site on some "hate issue" and you may be call it some hateclub but after submitting do i get link from affilaite partners about hate or some other type of links may also be put on site?
What is a hate club? Doesn't sound very nice. Smile Also be careful. Google has stop words that keep ads from displaying on pages.
Yeah, content is king.
i dont follow your line of reasoning.

google adsense is a contextual advertising program, and you get ads targeted to your content.

i did a search for 'hate' on google and no adwords came up.
so it could be bad if you're relying on adsense income for your 'hateclub'...
Re-reading it again, I am wondering if he wants to have a hate site on a particular subject?

Like a "Hate Paypal club" or something like that.

I suspect a hate club would be a bad site to monetize with adsense, as you are likely to get a lot of ads for the product itself or related to the product, which if you hate it, and others on your site hate it, means they do not want the product.
the advertisers wont have time to look at every site.

but i think a hate site is an exercise in frustration.
unless you niche it properly and do a 'i hate work' site and get all the yoga people in to advertise, but the keyword matching would be pretty horrible.
I agree Andrew. I have not heard of many nearly unmarketable ideas for a site, but this very well may be one.
Is this a group promoting hate or acting against the hate? I am confused. I think of hate issue as a response to the issue of hate. ???