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anyone know any good ones?
i did find one good link for domain lawyers, . I hope it helps you out. Also what types of problems are you having?
You might want to look at lawyers who deal with branding or intellectual property.
John Berryhill

Ari Goldberger

Brett Lewis

Howard Neu

Enrico Schaefer

Steven Sturgeon

Charles Carreon

Steve Lieberman
I would definatley look for recommendations from people you trust who have worked with lawyers before. Crapshooting a random lawyer is not really a good idea in any situation.
Agreed. While I admit I have yet to retain any one of them, I posted their
names because they are all established and seasoned professionals in legal
disputes regarding domain names.

I've had the fortune and pleasure of discussing matters with some of them.
I tell you, their insights are really valuable you sometimes wish to somehow
"pay" them for such.

Anyway, I'm dropping names to also possibly narrow down your search. If
one is busy, you can try the next one.
I do agree about being cautious. You really should consider one who excels in copyright law. Domains tend to be closely related to all of that.
A lawyer who is trained in those areas may be more useful to you. I wonder what the price would be for that kind of specialty? Sometimes, we pay more for an area of expertise(such as a doctor or lawyer) that we are needing at the the time.
Some will go after someone for a cut of the prize. Of course, it depends on your situation. If you're the one who is being sued, they usually make you pay a hefty amount for any specialty, but when you have the potential of reaping a reward and they think it will get them publicity or a piece of the pie, they often jump in without upfront payment.
Quick answer is roughly $300-$500 per hour for attorney time (even higher
if you get a really damn good one). $1k-$5k if via UDRP, possibly higher if
via Court.

As one attorney I know has consistently emphasized, these disputes are fact
intensive. Some are simple, others are complex.
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